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Adam Johnson is a well football player but is also known for being a sex offender. He is known for the crime he committed more than his football playing skills. He is a young man who is a Premier League Player. At a very young age, Johnson was chosen by Middlesbrough’s Youth Academy.

His birthplace is Sunderland in United Kingdom. He and some of his teammates won the 2003-04 FA Youth Cup. He was 17 when he made his debut as a senior player in the UEFA Cup. After 6 months he made another debut in the Premier League. Johnson has not had an easy life. He was in prison for being a sex offender.

Adam Johnson Net Worth 2017-2018

He has a daughter from his girlfriend Stacey Flounders. In February 2016, he made it official that he and his girlfriend have separated. Johnson has played 104 matches for team Sunderland. He scored 17 goals for the team of Sunderland. Although Adam Johnson is in jail, his sister is supporting him a lot.

Adam Johnson Net Worth in year 2017 is approximately $13 Million US Dollars

Since Adam Johnson is going to be spend 6 years in prison, he lost a lot of money. His net worth went down due to the imprisonment. However he had a net worth of $13 million as of 2017 after which he spent most of the time in prison. Currently he is inactive because he is in prison. Had he not done the crime, he would be a top player earning a lot. According to news reports, Johnson is still earning £5,000 per week. You never know!

Adam Johnson Assets

Adam Johnson has been ashamed of his acts and he had to put his mansion for sale. He put his 5 bedroom mansion for sale at the cost of £1,895,000. He had bought the fancy mansion in the year 2012. Adam Johnson’s girlfriend moved out of the house when he was sent to prison. The house is beautiful and it is spread across 2.2 acres land. Sadly he has put it up on sale. They have a daughter and the girlfriend is taking care of her. Adam Johnson owns a Range Rover.

Adam Johnson is known for his sins. Although he is a good football player, he has been in news for the sexual crimes that he committed. He was found guilty of having activity with a child. He was arrested for sexual activity with a young 15 year old girl. The young girl was a fan and he met her when she was 14. She used to wait for Johnson for his autograph at the stadium where he used to play. When they met the second time, he got into a sexual affair with the 15 year old. He has to spend 6 years in the jail for this act. His family has been very supportive. His sister claims that he is innocent. In 2016, he made it official that he and his girlfriend are separating. He also confessed that he had relations with other women.

The latest news is that Adam Johnson lost the case at court. He lost the child sex case appeal recently. The three judges rejected his appeal. They even rejected the plea to reduce the years of imprisonment. Adam Johnson’s sister has been very supportive and she posts pictures of his daughter and him on social media and claims that he is innocent. Currently he has become an ex footballer and is not active in his field. People know him for his sexual crime and less for his football skills.

Recently it was reported that Johnson has set up his own football team from behind the bars. Football is his life and he wants to keep in touch with the game behind the bars. The Doncaster Prison has a football pitch which is perfect for playing. Johnson will be training the team himself. The team consists of sex offenders. This shall be a lesson for Johnson as well.

Looks like he Adam Johnson will not be playing the big leagues anymore. However he is on his path to learn from his mistakes. He is in the prison and let us hope he makes a good football team behind the bars. We also hope he comes out of the bars as a changed man.

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