Shanell Jones professionally known as Lady Luck was born on 7 December 1983 in Englewood, New Jersey, United States. She is an American actress, rapper, and songwriter. American Rapper. Her great aunt is Mrs. Sylvia Robinson, the founder of Sugarhill Records. Her mother, as a record promoter with the Sugar Hills Records, was instrumental in cracking the hip-hop record “Rapper’s Delight” and her stepfather was also a rapper who was signed to the label.

Jones was interested in rapping from an early age of five years. Due to their personal circumstances, her family often moved around in New Jersey. When Jones was 16 years old, her family moved to Teaneck, New Jersey. There she got the opportunity to perform with some of the well-known rappers including Lil’ Kim, Fat Joe, and Lil’ Cease.

Shanel Jones AKA Lady Luck Net Worth 2017-2018

Since December 2015, Shanell Jones and Somaya started dating each other. They both are also a business partner and had their own tv/film production company.

Career: Lady Luck began her career from New York’s Hot 97 radio station morning show when she was still in her high school. As a result of her mind blowing performances, Def Jam Records wanted to get connected with her. At that time, she was only seventeen years old. She signed five album record deal with Def Jam. The deal had an evaluated value between five hundred thousand to one million dollars. The deal was signed by Def Jam on the basis of her several freestyles that they heard on New York’s WQHT radio station (also known as Hot 97)

After then she became the subject series of articles in the magazine ‘The Source’ and The New Yorker. She also appeared in the 2000 document movie of Jay-Z’s, ‘1999 tour Backstage’ to increase her fame and popularity a bit more.

Although Def Jam had postponed Jones’s own album, Lady Luck recorded songs with Missy Elliot, Method Man, Coffee Brown, Redman, and Lil’ Mo. Along with that, she also appeared voluntarily on a Pharoahe Monch remix, two Funkmaster Flex mixtape albums and the Professional 2 soundtrack. After three years, Jones chose to break her up with Def Jam to carve out a different and independent career. She then released her independent album, named ‘She God’.

She also did a rap clash against the rapper Remy Ma twice but in spite of a close count, she was considered to have lost.

Jones, along with her cousin LeA Robinson now stars on Bravo’s new reality show “First Family of Hip Hop”, that airs on Sundays at 9 pm.

Lady Luck Net Worth in year 2017 is approximately $1.6 Million US Dollars

Lady Luck’s net worth currently reaches $1.6 million US dollars as of 2017. She earned his net worth from her music. However, some other sources have also stated that her net worth today is even higher.

Lady Luck Business Model

Jones then became the business partner with Somaya Reece, her present girlfriend. Both of them together made a joint record label. They also made a Television/film production business named La Rosa Ent and The Greatest Entertainment.

Along with her new company i.e., the Major Hustle, Jones is developing a suite for up and coming producers and recording artists. She is also giving them the support, encouragement, and development that she was unable to get in her young years.

Less than two weeks ago, it has been claimed that Shanell Jones and Somaya Reece are going to get married soon. The gay couples are now planning for their exotic wedding.

Lady Luck has recently released her another album “The Facelift” in this year, 2017. The most favorite song of all in the album is “She God” which got a lot of popularity within a week.

Lady Luck is a triple RIAA gold and platinum certified American Rapper. She is a marvelous emerging rapper and singer who not only acquired fame in the music industry but also in the field of acting as well. Luck has experienced both successes and struggles in her life and finally emerged victorious. She is a conscious rapper with an amazing diverse talent to offer the world. She is a lady with full of passion for music, entertainment, expression, and creativity. She has strong will power and her dedication will soon transform her dreams into reality.


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