Victor Kwesi Mensah, better known as Vic Mensa was born in Chicago, Illinois on 1993. In his small career, he was nominated for Grammy awards and has signed a contract with Roc Nation. He was, also, a member of Kids These Days, group that broke in 2013. After that, he released his first mixtape “Innanetape”. He is the founder of hip hop collective “Savemoney” with his frequent collaborator Chance the Rapper. He released his debut single “Down My Luck” in 2014 for Virgin EMI.

He is born in the mixed family, his mother is white American and his father is from Ghana. He grew up in the Hyde Park in Chicago and attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. When he was in freshman year he met Chancellor Bannett, later known as Chance the Rapper.

Vic Mensa Net Worth 2017-2018

Vic Mensa cities A tribe called quest, Timbaland, Eminem, Biggie Smalls, 2Pac as the main influence on his music, style and lyrical performance, however, he loves also rock’n’roll especially Ac/Dc, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Prince and other popular artists.

Vic Mensa Net Worth in year 2017 is approximately $2.4 Million US Dollars

Vic Versa has an approximately net worth of $2.4 million US dollars as of 2017. He earned his net with his frequent singles, collaborations, and sponsors. He also toured a lot all around the world as a supporting act for Justin Bieber and Gorillaz so that affected his final amount of money. He also has plenty millions of view on YouTube and critically acclaimed EPs and mixtapes that gave him the possibility to earn much more than his colleges and friends.

After his performance with Damon Albarn the frontman of Gorillaz at the Governors Ball Music Festival where he sang “Clint Eastwood,” he announced his tour and said that he plans to collaborate with him in the near future.

In 2013 he announced What Dreams May Come tour with J. Cole and Wale. At the end of the tour, he began touring through Europe with Danny Brown for nearly a month. This opportunity was his breakthrough and soon afterward he was on the cover of XXL as a Freshmen Class of 2014. He released his first single “Down on My Luck” that became hit in the United Kingdom. In the same day, the music video was released. Afterward, he released “Down on My Luck” single but only for digital download and for international markets for Virgin EMI.

In 2015 he signed a deal with Roc Nation and toured alongside Jay-Z in the backstage of his On the Run Tour in Chicago. That day Jay-Z tweeted that Vic and Kanye are making a new single. He released new song “No Chill” for digital download. It was produced by Jahlil Beats and Skrillex. In this particular year, he was nominated for the best rap song at 58th Grammy Awards.

In 2016 he made a single with Kanye West for a track “Wolves” for an album that was called “The Life of Pablo” and it was featured with Sia and West. He also performed with Sia and Kanye West on Saturdays Night Live. He also released collaboration with Kanye West “U Mad” on Sound Cloud.

It was also announced that he teamed up with Gorillaz in order to collaborate together for a group’s new studio album. He also released EP “There’s a lot Going On” as a teaser for his debut album. On this EP Ty Dolla Sign has a guest appearance. This EP was critically acclaimed because of its lyrical performance and activism content because he sang about Laquan McDonald and Flint water crisis. He performed as an opening act for Justin Bieber in Europe.

We can only assume what will happen next in his career. As we have seen his breakthrough was enormous and with less than 18 years he was nominated for Grammy and went on a world tour as a supporting act and guest. We can expect from him much more after his debut album, a maybe worldwide popularity which will certainly affect his earnings and net worth. After all, his talent is enormous and he just knows how to make something out of himself. That is why we follow his every move in order to understand what will happen next.


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